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Port Louis
Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Gardener Takes Fatal Six-Meter Fall

A 43-year-old gardener fell from a height of six and a half meters from the second floor of the Ebene Junction building and landed...

Fifty-Year-Old Man Kills Himself Falling From A Mango Tree

A tragedy occurred in the yard of the Aristide family at Bon Espoir Street, Rivière des Créoles on the morning of Sunday, January 8....

Sixty-Year-Old Woman Dies From Intracerebral Hemorrhage After Fall

Lakshoomee Babbea, born Dawojee 68 years old breathed her last at the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis where she was admitted in an intensive...

Plaine-Verte: A Septuagenarian Falls On The Pavement

A resident of Rue Canal, Plaine-Verte was admitted to the Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis on Wednesday 17 August after falling on the pavement...

Student Falls To His Death At Seven Cascades In Henrietta

A very sad story this Wednesday. The lifeless body of Mohammad Altaf Hosenbocus, 17 years old, a student in Lower Six at John Kennedy...
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