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Sophia Bush Comes Out As Queer, Confirms Relationship With Ashlyn Harris

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Actress Sophia Bush of “One Tree Hill” wrote an open personal piece for Glamour magazine in which she discussed her recent divorce and allegations of adultery. Bush also revealed her sexual orientation as a queer and confirmed her relationship with soccer player Ashlyn Harris, a former member of the US Women’s National Team, in the fashion magazine cover story.

She talked about having cold feet in the article prior to marrying Grant Hughes in July 2022. “In April of 2022 I was close to calling off my wedding. Instead of running away, I doubled down on being a model wife,” the writer stated.

Bush claimed that although she persisted in trying to convince herself that “marriage takes compromise” and that “relationships are hard”, the “heartbreak of the fertility process” forced her to re-evaluate her union. “Six months into that journey, I think I knew deep down that I absolutely had made a mistake. It would take my head and heart a while longer to understand what my bones already knew,” she wrote.

After a year of marriage, Bush filed for divorce from businessman Grant Hughes in August 2023. Harris filed for divorce from her former teammate Ali Krieger one month later. Reports surfaced that Bush and Harris were dating soon after both divorces became public.

The choice to file for divorce, according to Bush’s essay, was made gradually and followed numerous discussions with “groups of women in my life [who] started opening up about issues they were going through in their own homes.” She mentioned Harris as one of those women. They all came together in 2019.

“She’s been such a kind ear for those of us who opened up about our problems during a shared weekend of speaking engagements at a fancy conference in Cannes, and soon it became clear that she needed our ears too.”

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