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The Ayodhya Event Is Unifying Event In Relations Between Ethnic Groups And Young And Old Persons

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In the wake of Ayodhya Ram Mandir and Birthplace of Shree Ram ji celebrations, happiness, enthusiasm and significant joy has been displayed and shared by people’s not only in India but across the World. While United States of American states have exposed huge Billboards; in other countries like Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Uganda, Ghana there has been processions of dancing and chanting to the tune of “Jai Shree Ram” symbolically as a message for Peace. Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Tolerance and Wisdom in Humility as has been the very teachings of the Ramayana through the character of Shree Ram ji.

Here, in Mauritius, with the Hindu House in lead geared-up with the Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation together with many other socio culturals like the Northern Gahlot Rajput Fedération, have organised either special prayers, or sessions of devotional chanting or even set out in long but peaceful processions displaying effigies of Shree Ram ji, Shree Hanuman ji and photos depicting the era of Ramayana that was lived some 7000 years back as proven by science. The more the so, information as relayed by Indian sources it is stipulated that the descendants of Shree Ram still live in Jaipur, Rajhastan, India who come from the lineage of the Lord through his sons Luv and Kush who ruled even after the Lord’s departure.

Coming back to the local celebrations peoples catching up with the trends, where almost every Mandir, Kovils, Shivala, or Alayam have engaged themselves in organizing prayer session to mark the resurrection of Shree Ram Birthplace due on the 22nd of January 2024.

Generally, all sociocultural and religious groups will be observing prayers for their devotion towards Shree Ram ji at the same time as the Prime Minister of India, Shree Modi will be inaugurating the Ram L’alla.

In the same direction, Hindu House together with several other socio-culturels had requested the Prime Minister of Mauritius for permissions such that devotees could participate in their spiritual journey connecting with Shree Ram ji Birthplace in Ayodhya after over 550 years of wait full of struggles…

The fact that Prime Minister Hon Pravin Jugnauth has positively responded to the socio-culturels is most welcome massively. All sociocultural organisation have expressed their gratitude to the Prime Minister for the consideration and sensitivity… Obviously some will choose to opt for a full day off on that day.

What is clear is that the Ayodhya event as become a very unifying factor in relations between ethnic groups and also by breaking generational gaps where young and old identify themselves with the ideals of Shree Ram ji.

– R.L.
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