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Brian Racoude: A Mauritian in The Voice Canada!

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Last February, Mauritian Brian Racoude did the country proud with his performance of Catch and Release on The Voice Canada. Although our compatriot was not selected, he has no intention of giving up music. 

Hénry Rotile

Can you tell us about your musical career?

It was my parents who got me interested in music when they gave me a keyboard for my ninth birthday. I went on to study at the François Mitterrand Conservatoire, where I learned to play other instruments such as piano and guitar. It was also with friends from the conservatory that I made my first stage appearances, playing in concerts and other festivals. In my musical career, I’ve also worked as a music teacher. 

Why did you immigrate to Canada?

I had the opportunity to immigrate to Quebec, and that’s how I ended up on The Voice Canada. 

Why did you choose to perform Matt Simon’s song Catch & Release?

It’s a song that really speaks to me. So I chose it to feel more in my element.  

 Why do you think the judges didn’t look back?

I think they expected more from me. Maybe it’s also because there was a bit of stress in my voice. 

How do you see your musical future?

I’m planning to take sound engineering courses and continue in that field. 

 Is an album in the offing? 

Not now. But I’m working on a cover version and a song of my own composition. 

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