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Statistics Mauritius: Construction Prices On The Rise

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According to Statistics Mauritius, the construction price index, which stood at 133.5 points in the fourth quarter of 2023, rose to 136.7 points in the first quarter of 2024. This increase was mainly due to higher prices for materials such as pre-mixed mortar, tiles and granite, as well as a partial rise in plumbing costs. However, this increase was partially offset by a drop in iron bar prices in January 2024.

Statistics Mauritius also reports that the construction price index is in constant evolution, rising from 132.9 points in April 2023 to 137.0 points in March 2024. These fluctuations reflect trends in the construction market, which are influenced by numerous factors such as the cost of materials, economic conditions and exchange rates.

The data published by Statistics Mauritius underlines the need for construction professionals to monitor these variations in order to adapt to changing costs and maintain the viability of their projects. Successive increases in the index could also have implications for consumers, due to the potential impact on the final cost of real estate.

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