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BoM’s Total Comprehensive Income Rises By Rs 2.19 Bn

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The Bank of Mauritius has made public the Total Comprehensive Income recorded in February 2024. It stands at around Rs 5.87 billion. The amount increased by Rs 2.19 billion from Rs 3.68 billion in the previous month.

This increase was influenced by higher foreign assets in February, resulting in total assets of Rs 436 billion compared with Rs 432 billion in January. As for liabilities, those of the government fell from Rs 14 billion in January to Rs 9 billion the following month. On the other hand, total liabilities climbed by around Rs 2 billion and are estimated at Rs 415 billion in February 2024.

The currency in circulation also has an impact on the liabilities of the Bank of Mauritius. The latest weekly central bank survey published this month shows that currency in circulation stood at Rs 58.59 billion on 12 April. This represents an increase compared to the first quarter of this year, when the amount was Rs 57.40 billion in January, Rs 56.79 billion in February and Rs 57.09 billion in March.

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