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Flood Disaster – Those Responsible To Step Down Says Mohamed

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The leader of the opposition held a press conference yesterday afternoon where he returned on the theme of the Private Notice Question, i.e. the floods of 21 April 2024. Shakeel Mohamed expressed his indignation at what he described as “inadequate” responses from the Minister for National Infrastructures regarding flood management.

He deplored the fact that Bobby Hurreeram’s opening response lasted nearly 27 minutes and that the time allotted was far from sufficient to really probe the actions and responsibility of his ministry. Shakeel Mohamed also criticised the role of the Speaker of the National Assembly on that aspect.

He questioned the seriousness of the authorities with regard to the measures taken after the January floods. In his view, Minister Hurreeram’s answers were far from convincing. In his view, Bobby Hurreeram, as head of the Ministry of National Infrastructures and all the departments operating under the aegis of his ministry, had seriously failed in his responsibility.

According to Shakeel Mohamed, Sooroojdev Phokeer did everything in his power to protect members of the government whose resignation he was going to call for. As for him, what happened on Sunday only confirm the shortcomings of the government.

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