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Ganoo: We Won The Battle Of The Crowds

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The leaders of Linité Militant faced the press this Saturday morning. Alan Ganoo said that it is clear that the government alliance has “won the battle of the crowds”. This is a psychological boost, he added. Alaon Ganoo also said that the swing votes will now be in favour of the Alliance Morisyen.

He added that the crowd at Port-Louis, in a meeting organized by the two eldest political parties, was only 8000. Minister Alan Ganoo said that the success of the meeting in Vacoas was beyond expectations. “It was a breathtaking success. The Linité Militant platform is happy to have contributed to that,” he added.

Steven Obeegadoo said : “Everyday, I notice that militants are profoundly upset by the third alliance between Labour Party and MMM,” he said. He added that these militants have not forgot that the Labour Party used militants to accede to power and then boot the militants out of power. For him, there is a break between the Bérengists, that is those who follow Paul Bérenger blindly, and those who thinks. The latter appreciates the realizations of the Government alliance,” he insisted.

Steven Obeegadoo also announced that as from July 2024, Government will start delivering the 8 000 houses constructed. He also commented the figures of the last Household Budget survey. “When we take into consideration inflation and depreciation of the rupee, the revenue of a household in Mauritius increased by one-third,” he said. He also added that the percentage of household with less than Rs 10 000 has decreased to 1%.

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