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PNQ On Death Of Soopramanien Kistnen And Kistnen Papers : Case Still Under Investigation

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The Private Notice Question was based on the death of Soopramanien Kistnen and the so-called Kistnen Papers. In his answer, the Prime Minister listed the chronology of the case. He added that following the submission of the report of the Judicial inquiry, the Office of the DPP requested the police to carry an in-depth investigation in the alleged Constituency Clerk case, alleged blackmailing, the procurement case and the way the autopsy was performed over the deceased by a Police Medical Officer.

On the Constituency Clerk inquiry, statements were recorded from 10 persons and Yogida Sawmynaden was prosecuted, the PM said. The case, he added, is awaiting judgment. On the inquiry concerning the way autopsy was performed, the Prime Minister said that specimens of lunge were sent to an organism in France which corroborated the conclusions of the Police Medical Officer who had to furnish further statements and maintained his initial conclusions.

On the procurement case, 56 other persons were interviewed by MCIT and the case transmitted by police to Icac, which is now the FCC.

The Prime Minister also said that an enquiry has been instituted on Kistnen Papers by the CCID following a correspondence from the Electoral Commissioner, following a letter dated 9th January 2021 from Rezistans & Alternativ. The inquiry concerned expenses incurred by candidates. That case is still under investigation. 14 statements were recorded from 11 persons.

Shakeel Mohamed asked the Prime Minister if he has been questioned for swearing false affidavit regarding the electoral expenses he incurred, as well as Hon Sawmynaden and Dookun-Luchoomun. The Prime Minister said that no one came to interrogate him. He also insisted that, as to now, no one has come forward to give evidence on these “so-called or I prefer fabricated diaries or papers”. He added that even Rezistans & Alternativ has not given evidence on this matter. He also said that Mrs Kistnen, when she was shown the diary, said she could not recognize the handwriting of her husband. “All this is frivolous,” he said.

Shakeel Mohamed asked if the CP did carry out investigation to verify the authenticity of the Kistnen Papers. The PM said that anyone can write anything on any paper –

How come the police come to take a statement from me when there is no one who has confirmed the supposedly information.

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