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Paul Bérenger: “The Door Is Open To Bodha”

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This morning, the MMM also faced the press alone. Paul Bérenger commented on the political situation. He said that the MMM, the PMSD and the Rassemblement Mauricien de Bodha have met several times and will continue to do so. He confirmed that Roshi Bhadain has excluded himself. Regarding the discussions with the PTr, he added that, for the time being, the PTr, MMM and PMSD have decided to nominate two representatives each. “We leave the door open to the Rassemblement Mauricien de Bodha,” he said. Asked about the “apprehensions” of the Rassemblement Mauricien, Paul Bérenger said that within the MMM too, there are apprehensions. Paul Berenger confirmed that “nothing has been finalized at this stage for the general elections” despite an agreement in principle with the PTr and the PMSD for the municipal elections. “It is quite normal. Especially since nothing is finalised,” he said. The leader of the MMM was questioned on the extra-parliamentary forces. “Some are pranksters. Some are dangerous. But there are serious organisations that are doing a great job,” was his answer

Commenting on the anonymous letter on which the Prime Minister relied in March 2018 to corner the former president, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, against the backdrop of the Alvano Sobrinho affair, Paul Bérenger says he condemns this kind of “malpractice”.

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