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Xavier Duval Announces PMSD Annual Conference For October 9: Nando Bodha Remains In Hope Platform

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In a press conference on Saturday, Xavier-Luc Duval announced that Nando Bodha remains in the L’Espoir platform. “I spoke to him this morning. He is going to stay in L’Espoir platform and continue the work. He has an important role to play,” said the PMSD leader. Xavier-Luc Duval said that for the PMSD, the most important thing is a “bold government programme” and a plan to start work.

He announced the holding of the PMSD’s annual congress on 9 October, when the party will celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the birth of Sir Gaëtan Duval and the 67th anniversary of the party. “There will be the renewal and rejuvenation of the party’s leadership as well as the announcement of our strategy,” he added. He called for municipal elections to be held as soon as possible.

He also invited the population to participate in large numbers in the opposition march on 3 September. In this regard, he made a point of mentioning the reluctance of extra-parliamentary formations. He said that no one in the opposition should be misled into playing into the hands of the MSM. “Sometimes I wonder if some people are being led by the MSM,” he said.

Oil purchase from Moroil a stupid decision, says Duval

Xavier-Luc Duval also commented on the State Trading Corporation’s decision to buy oil from Moroil, which it markets at a subsidised price. “It is so stupid. I have never seen such a decision,” he said. The opposition leader explained that all the other importers could go bankrupt. “We should have offered the same subsidies to all importers. Especially since some import better quality oil at a better price,” he added. He revealed that the company Agiliss has served a formal notice to the government. “His actions are killing this company and destroying jobs,” he said.

Xavier-Luc Duval also mentioned the drop in the price of heavy fuel on the world market. This has resulted in a decrease in freight prices of between 15 and 25%. For him, the government must ensure that the price of many items falls on the shelves. “These prices have to come down because the companies had used the increase in freight as an excuse to raise them. It also must allow parallel imports. This is extremely important,” he said.

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