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Bhadain: “Ken Arian Must Go”

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For Roshi Bhadain, leader of the Reform Party, the anonymous letter shows the government’s way of doing things. “It shows the modus operandi. I had already said that the MSM would take over all the institutions of the state,” he said. For him, all this shows a “machination coming from one person in the PMO to remove a head of state”. For him, it is a new “high treason against the state”. He said he was not defending Ameenah Gurib-Fakim on the Platinium Card affair, but that he was denouncing the government’s way of doing things. He recalled that in any other company, Ken Arian would have been sacked. “But here, he is the head of Airports Holdings Ltd. He has 14 companies under him. The problem is that he is also a board member of Air Mauritius. In no country would such a system of government be acceptable,” he said. Roshi Bhadain therefore demands that Ken Arian be suspended immediately.  “The rule of law demands that he leaves. It seems that Mauritius is one of the worst dictatorships where people are plotted to leave. Is this the management of the state?

Bashir Jahangeer, one of the leaders of Reform Party, commented on the anonymous letter regarding Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. “If the letter is true, it means there was a plot in the presidency,” he said.

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