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“Duval Has A Lot Of Agendas,” Says Ramgoolam

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The leader of the Labour Party held a press conference on Saturday morning alongside Paul Bérenger of the MMM and Richard Duval of the Nouveaux Démocrates. Dr Navin Ramgoolam came back on the withdrawal of the PMSD of the Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance. He said that that Xavier Luc Duval had other agendas while negotiating. He added that the leader of the PMSD began to make exaggerated demands. For Navin Ramgoolam, it was clear that Duval intention was to break the momentum of the alliance for the May 1 rally in Port-Louis. “Xavier Luc Duval has various agendas. He began to make his request exaggerate and at the last minute his plan was to break our Momentum for the mobilization of May 1st. We know he is negotiating with the MSM” launches Navin Ramgoolam.

Navin Ramgoolam also daid that the departure of the PMSD has revitalized the alliance, especially after “the true heirs of late Sir Gaëtan Duval” joined them. He also added that the alliance has made a lot of progress in the upcoming legislative elections.

Paul Bérenger, for his part, said that the real PMSD members remained within the alliance after the breakup. Furthermore, he said, the fight for the next legislative elections remains the same.

The leader of the Reds also said, during the press conference, that the Labour-MMM alliance is in contact with Ashok Subron of Rezistans ek Alternatif. He indicates that they will try to meet them this week.

Subron & Co agree to meet Ramgoolam and Bérenger on one condition

Rezistans ek Alternatif has agreed to a meeting with the leaders of the Labour-MMM Alliance. However, the sine qua none condition of the meeting is that the program and proposals of the leftist movement will have to be the main theme of the debates. This is what Ashok Subron announced this Saturday in a press conference. He added that his comrades and himself are for the unification of the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition. He also said that for Labor Day, the party organized a march in support of demands and new rights for workers.

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