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The Labour-MMM Alliance Is “Not Natural And Incoherent” Said Steve Obeegadoo

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The platform Linite Militante faced the press yesterday.  Steven Obeegadoo came back on the 2014 general elections. For him, the MMM is now humiliated and is being used as a doormat for the Labour Party. The Deputy Prime Minister made a chronology of events concerning Alan Ganoo and himself. He spoke lengthily of the instability inherent to the Labour-MMM alliance following the political events of this week. For Steven Obeegadoo, that alliance is “unnatural” and “incoherent” and will not bring any good to the population.

For his part, Alain Ganoo urges sympathizers of the Platform Militant of Obeegadoo, his own Mouvement Patriotique Mauricien and all militants to be present at the May Day rally. He said that Linite Militant will “bring new hope to the big militant family”. This party, he said, was created to bring together activists with the same values.

He said that militants should take part in the decisive phases of the history of the country. “They cannot remain eternally in the opposition. We welcome more activists to come with us, participate in the unity of the country,” he said.

On the break-up of the Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance, he said this platform contained seeds of instability. “It is clear that it was the MMM which pushed the PMSD towards the exit door, in order to have more tickets and more power within the alliance,” he insisted.

Finally, Alan Ganoo indicated that he is convinced of an overwhelming victory for the MSM and its allies in the next legislative elections.

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