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Navin Ramgoolam: His Opponents Program Consists In Launching Personal Attacks

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The opposition alliance, comprising the Parti Travailliste (PTr), Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) and Nouveaux Démocrates (ND), was in Port-Louis for the famous May 1st rally. At the May 1st rally, Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger reiterated their commitment to building a new Mauritius.

Navin Ramgoolam, who was the last speaker at the meeting, declared: “It’s a human tide in Port-Louis. We’re going to sweep everything away. Change is underway.” According to him, “Pravind Jugnauth is desperate”.

May 1st rally of PTr-MMM-ND alliance

The PTr leader once again warned the public against “the possibility of using artificial intelligence against him”. For him, his opponent’s agenda “consists of launching personal attacks, which is what you do when you’re desperate.”

May 1st rally of PTr-MMM-ND alliance

One of the highlights of his speech was the presentation of the measures he and his allies intend to implement, with the assurance that other measures will be added. These measures include

  • an end to the depreciation of the rupee
  • Lower petrol and diesel prices
  • Lower electricity prices
  • Lower medicine prices – the population will receive vouchers.
  • No pensions or allowances will be cut…
  • Widows and invalids will continue to receive their pensions in addition to the old-age pension.
  • We will abolish the pension tax
  • No Income Tax up to Rs 1 million and for young adults.
  • Free transport for all, including school vans
  • You will be able to continue your studies with 3 credits.
  • Maternity leave will be extended to one year…
  • We’ll introduce ‘Menstrual Leave
  • We will abolish the obligation to re-register each time you buy a car.
  • We will reorganize Air Mauritius
  • We’ll give agriculture a helping hand
  • We will publish the Land Drainage Master Plan.

Navin Ramgoolam maintains that: “We will have a real electoral reform with the obligation that a third of the candidates be of the opposite sex”.

May 1st rally of PTr-MMM-ND alliance

The penultimate speaker was MMM leader Paul Bérenger, who urged the Mauritian people to : “Remain vigilant. There will be all kinds of electoral shenanigans”.

Paul Bérenger also spoke about the list of candidates, pointing out that “not everyone will be able to get a ticket. We ask those who will be deprived to understand that we can only grant 60 nominations”. He also asked supporters not to believe everything written in the newspapers.

May 1st rally of PTr-MMM-ND alliance

Paul Berenger believes that “there will be other political developments in the future. We will win and Navin Ramgoolam will be Prime Minister. Whatever happens, it will be a Labour Prime Minister… That’s a commitment. We need a ¾ majority to implement our program and to amend the Constitution”.  The ultimate mission of the PTr/MMM/ND alliance will be to save the country from Pravind Jugnauth, and on November 21, when Parliament is automatically dissolved, the people will have to make a decision.

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