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PMSD Out Of Alliance, Xavier Duval Will Resign As The Leader Of The Opposition

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The very fact that the PMSD is no longer in the alliance with  the labour party and the MMM puts the role of Xavier Duval as leader of Opposition in the balance.  Xavier-Luc Duval has stated that the PMSD’s decision to withdraw from the alliance is not just a matter of tickets. He announces he will resign as the leader of the opposition this Monday.

Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Berenger did not want to say anything about this yesterday. The two leaders said that the leaders of the two parties would be meeting today, where the issue would also be discussed.

Yesterday afternoon Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval met as it was scheduled. PMSD leader Xavier-Luc Duval who left the meeting first, did not make a statement to the press. Dr Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger spoke to the press afterwards and said that they tried and could not find an agreement. They added that they would continue and that the PMSD is no longer with them.

The Reds leader was addressing the press on Sunday afternoon after a fresh meeting between PTr, MMM and PMSD leaders at Riverwalk. Navin Ramgoolam considers that it was “unfortunate, no agreement could be reached. «He did not give any further details of the disagreement. The leader of the MMM; Paul Berenger spoke in the same line saying that “we try everything.”  “Unfortunately, pan resi me nou reget tou ek pli lelan ki avan”, the leader of the MMM. According to Paul Berenger, no flag or banner with the three colours have been made yet.

Now the PTr and MMM will be preparing to go together for the meeting on 1st May. Leaders from both parties will meet on Monday.

Véronique Leu-GovindI has submitted her resignation as President and member of the Mauritius Social Democratic Party (PMSD). After careful consideration and taking into account the current circumstances, she believed it is in the best interests of the party and its members that she steps down from this position.

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