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Batsirai At Warning 4: Havoc And Especially Power Cuts

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Batsirai is intensifying with gusts up to 120 km/h. At the 12th bulletin the strongest gusts recorded, in decreasing order, at Champ de Mars with 150 km/h, Domaine des Pailles shows 119 km/h, at Rivière Noire with 108 km/h and idem at Grand Bassin with 108 km/h, 115km/h at Le Morne and at Vacoas 109 km/h.

Generalized Havoc

The damage is everywhere, the social networks are full of these images… Houses were  ransacked, floods, uprooted trees blocking the streets, metal structures and sheets were torn off destroying vehicles and other buildings, fallen pylons of the Mauritius Telecom and the Central Electricity Board as well as cuts of the Central Water Authority such as in Solferino, Bassin, Palma, Petit-Sable, Mare La Chaux, Quatre-Cocos and Poste-de-Flacq … Main arteries and highways are being cleared but many roads remain impassable across the island. Internet networks are also interrupted, even on mobile Data!

Batsirai Cyclone - Mauritius

Emergency services on standby

Urgent interventions are being undertaken by elements of the SMF, Mauritius Fire Services, SAMU and the Police remain on standby for emergencies. The National Emergency Operations Command is in high demand and has recorded more than 50 emergency interventions of various kinds, including clearing streets and emergency areas for the public such as hospitals, reinforcement and transport of sick people. In addition, 166 refuge centres have opened their doors since Alert 3.

Power cuts and impassable roads

More than 10,000 Central Electricity Board subscribers are without power in several areas of the central plateau, in the west at Black River and the north of the island, particularly in the areas of Pamplemousses and Goodlands, and the Beau Plan Road is a danger for all motorists. Tranquebar, Vallée Pitot and Pailles are also greatly exposed and affected. The southern and eastern regions are currently the least affected by the damage. However, waves of more than 10 metres in height are expected on the west and south-west coasts of the country.

Batsirai Cyclone - Mauritius

Possible lifting of the alert at 10pm

At 9:30 am, intense tropical cyclone Batsirai was centred about 170 km north of Mauritius at latitude 18.4 degrees South and longitude 57.7 degrees East, approaching the island in a south westerly direction at a speed of about 18 km/h and continuing to approach the island.

The cyclone will be at its closest point to the island between about 4 pm. The cyclone has slowed down a little since 10am, continuing its south-western trajectory and moving into a west-southwestern trajectory.   The cyclone is moving at a speed of 15 to 18 km. According to Prem Goolub of the Vacoas Meteorological Station, “with this temporary slowdown, the calculations have to be redone, so there is a possibility of removing the cyclone warnings around 10pm this Wednesday evening”.

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