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The Effect Of Batsirai Is Being Noticed In Mauritius

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A cyclone warning Class 4 is in force in Mauritius. The twelfth cyclone bulletin for Mauritius was issued at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 2. According to the Vacoas weather station, during the last few hours, some stations recorded gusts of around 120 km/h, especially in the north and northwest of the island.  Intermittent rains, moderate to heavy, persist throughout the country. According to the weather station, the weather is expected to deteriorate further.

At 9:30 a.m., intense tropical cyclone Batsirai was centered about 170 km north of Mauritius at latitude 18.4 degrees South and longitude 57.7 degrees East. It moves in a southwesterly direction at a speed of about 18 km/h and thus continues to approach the island.


The strongest gusts recorded so far are as follows:

Champ-de-Mars: 133 km/h; Domaine des Pailles : 119 km/h; Black River: 108 km/h; Grand-Bassin : 108 km/h; Le Morne :115 Km/h;  Vacoas: 109 kph.

Many people are seeking refuge in various centers;  50 people, including 12 children, have taken refuge in emergency centers across the island. Notably, in Tranquebar, Bel-Air, Grand-Sabre, Deux frères, and Résidence La Cure. The Tranquebar center has received the highest number of victims so far, 22 adults and five 5 children, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Social Security, Dharma Ramjunun.

Point to be noted; 165 emergency centers are available to Mauritians in this cyclonic period.


Fallen trees on the ground testifying the damage caused by the gusts of the intense tropical cyclone Batsirai in Black River. So are the roads a proximity to the Garden of Les Saline Port-Louis; two gigantic tress has been unrooted by Batsirai and is blocking the road. The SMF is working hard to have it remove.

More than 8,000 Central Electricity Board customers are without power this morning. Among more than 4,500 households in Rose-Hill and the north of the island. 250 houses in Pamplemousse, Morcellement St-André and Goodlands are no longer connected to the electricity grid. Other regions concerned: Tranquebar and Pailles. While a hundred households in St-Pierre and its surroundings are in the same situation. At the level of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) it is explained that it is the debris carried away by the wind that is damaging the infrastructure of the CEB. However, the situation remains under control, with some 120 CEB employees deployed.

Soldiers of the Special Mobile Force are on the alert. They were mobilized at Victoria Hospital to clear the yard following falling trees, which bent under the gusts of Batsirai.

The public is requested to stay inside and not to venture around.

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