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Cyclone Batsirai Has Passed At Its Closest Point Around 4:00 P.M. On Wednesday

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Batsirai has slowed down. Thus, it passed at its closest point around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 2, some 120 km north-northwest of Grand-Baie. This was stated by Prem Goolaub, director of the Vacoas weather station. He said that from 10:00 a.m. to noon, the cyclone slowed down. “Li pou repran so deplasman dan mem direksion of the southwest,” he added. Subsequently, from tonight, Batsirai “pou fer ouest-sud-ouest.”

Batsirai Cyclone

Prem Goolaub also explained that Batsirai travels at a speed of 15 to 18km/h. He also said there is a possibility that the cyclone alert will be lifted around 10 p.m.

In a statement issued this morning, the CEB wishes to inform its subscribers that due to the passage of cyclone Batsirai on alert 4 and very bad weather conditions, its troubleshooting teams will interrupt their interventions, except in case of emergency.

Batsirai Cyclone

Fault repairs will resume from the lifting of alert 4. The public is strongly advised not to touch broken lines and to take all necessary precautions.

Concerning water problems during this cyclonic weather, Subscribers of the Central Water Authority (CWA) will have to take their pain in patience. Several regions are facing water cuts on this Wednesday, February 2. These include Solferino, Bassin, Palma, Petit-Sable, Mare La Chaux, Quatre-Cocos and Poste-de-Flacq. Sunil Gopal, the CWA’s communications manager, says technical problems have been noted with the pumps. This is what would cause water cuts. It provides assurance that teams are working to restore the situation. However, it specifies that tanker trucks will be out only in urgent cases and it also warns that mud could disrupt the distribution of water in the east and south.

Batsirai Cyclone

Coming to shelters, eleven families, or 55 people, are currently at the Richelieu Community Centre, which has been transformed into a shelter centre. They went there on Tuesday evening, February 1. Cyril Sal, the head of the center, makes it clear that all the arrangements have been made to accommodate the inhabitants in distress. Meanwhile, Gino Tabany, the elected representative of the village who sits on the district council of Black River, is present on the ground. He explains that no major damage has been found in the area at this stage, other than a high-voltage electrical cable that remains suspended.

Batsirai Cyclone

Because of falling trees and electricity pylons across the island. Traffic Branch Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ashok Mathur said firefighters and elements of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) are working in several parts of the island to make roads practical as quickly as possible. However, he indicated that the main arteries are practical.

For sea lovers, it is a rather unrecognizable beach that they saw this Wednesday, February 2 in Cap Malheureux and other regions in the North. If usually, this beach that welcomes tourists for sea trips is blue and quiet, in this cyclonic time, it has changed its appearance. The show is as beautiful as it is intense. On the side of Poste-Lafayette, in the northeast of the country, it is the spectacle of a dismantled sea that the inhabitants can attend since the morning of this Wednesday, February 2nd.

Batsirai Cyclone

As the intense tropical cyclone, Batsirai has moved closer to our coasts, the sea is very rough. It is noted that the sea level is much higher and joins the side of the road in a few places.

As a reminder, going out to sea and swimming are prohibited. Stay safe and don’t venture near the beaches.

Batsirai Cyclone

Coming to the Health Sector, Urgent surgical interventions in hospitals are maintained. Patients requiring a transfer to the hospital will need to call the emergency department and the National Emergency Operations Command (NEOC). Only after an assessment will a team be deployed aboard an armored vehicle. Interventions deemed non-priority will be postponed.

At the same time, in case of transfer for Covid-19 positive patients, another protocol has been initiated. This, in order to have those who are at risk of developing severe forms of the disease admitted in advance to the various centers concerned. For patients in self-isolation, the Domiciliary Monitoring Unit will follow up by phone.

Batsirai Cyclone

Because of Batsirai, Planters have to give up on their new plantations. These have been damaged by the strong gusts and rain that are falling on the country. As for vegetables whose harvest was close, they were also affected. First observation of the Small Planters Association. Spokesman Kreepalloo Sunghoon said it was in the east and south that planters were most affected.

Batsirai Cyclone

Some vegetables and fruits affected by bad weather according to the Small Planters Association:

– Tomatoes

– Chilli

– Beans

– Mango

– Longan

– Fine herbs

– Giraumon

– Melon

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