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18-Year-Old Succumbs To Assault

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Kesseven Priegrieche, an 18-year-old teenager living in Solférino N0 1, Vacoas, succumbed to an assault on the afternoon of Sunday January 21. Initially, a truck driver tried to pass off the attack as an accident. Arrested on the same day, a provisional charge of attempted murder was brought against Yushveersingh Bheekhun, 29, of Solférino N0 3. An autopsy carried out early on Sunday evening, January 21, concluded that the cause of death was multiple injuries.

Police officers from the Vacoas police station were called to Mungroo lane, Solférino N0 2, Vacoas to report a road accident. Arriving at the scene, these officers found Kesseven Priegrieche in a seated position with her back pressed against a damaged wall. The wall belonged to a 54-year-old woman living in the area. Kesseven Priegrieche had several wounds on his body and was bleeding profusely from the mouth.

Kesseven Priegrieche
Kesseven Priegrieche

The young man was taken in charge by the police and taken to the Jawaharlall Nehru hospital in Rose Belle. Information gathered at the scene indicated that a white and blue truck had hit the teenager before continuing on its way. The vehicle came from Solférino N0 2 and headed towards Solférino N0 3.

The police were to learn that the nearby Yushveersingh Bheekhun had had an argument with Kesseven Priegrieche. The police raided the teenager’s home and arrested Yushveersingh Bheekun. He was placed in a cell in the Vacoas detention center.

The teenager breathed his last at 1.15pm on the afternoon of Sunday January 21. At 6:30 p.m., his body was autopsied by doctor Sheila Jankee-Parsad. She attributed the teenager’s death to multiple injuries.

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