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UK Starts Detaining Migrants Set To Be Sent Back To Rwanda

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The British government announced on Wednesday that authorities had begun to detain migrants in anticipation of their sending them to Rwanda within the next nine to eleven weeks. This move sets the foundation for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s hallmark immigration policy.

A bill that authorizes the repatriation of asylum seekers to Rwanda in the event that they enter the country without authorization was approved by Parliament last month. Sunak wants the first flights to begin in July. He is expected to schedule an election later this year, and illegal migration is likely to be a major topic of discussion.

Thus far this year, around 7,500 migrants have left France in small boats and made their way to England. The new law, according to the government, will discourage individuals from taking the dangerous route over the Channel. Last week, five people lost their lives while attempting to cross.

Pictures released on Wednesday by the British interior ministry showed two men being brought out of their home in handcuffs and placed in a van by immigration enforcement officers.

“Our dedicated enforcement teams are working at pace to swiftly detain those who have no right to be here so we can get flights off the ground,” said interior minister James Cleverly in a statement on Wednesday.

One trade union stated it has filed a lawsuit because its members would be forced to break international law. These workers are civil officials who might be asked to assist in implementing the policy.

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