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US To Ship Weapons Worth $1 Billion To Israel

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Despite pressure over Israel’s Rafah offensive, the White House has informed Congress that it intends to give Israel more than $1 billion (£800 million) in weapons. According to the Reuters news agency, the package would include armored tactical vehicles, mortars, and tank shells.

Congress still needs to approve the idea, which was verified by a congressional aide to CBS, the US partner of the BBC. President Biden declared last week that if Israel carried out a significant invasion on Rafah, he would stop sending arms.

According to Palestinians who spoke to Reuters on Tuesday, Israeli tanks moved farther into residential neighbourhoods in the southeast of the Gaza metropolis. Last week, Biden stated that he had postponed sending 2,000 lb (900 kilogramme) bombs to Israel due to concerns about their potential use in a ground operation of that kind.

When questioned by CNN about the delay, Biden responded, “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs.”

Congress is receiving its first cargo since the Biden administration stopped sending weapons to Israel last week. As to the news source Associated Press, the items worth $700 million would be tank ammo, $500 million would be tactical vehicles, and $60 million would be mortar rounds.

According to a US State Department study released on Friday, Israel may have violated international law by using some US-made weaponry.

Although the report expressed strong criticism of certain Israeli activities in Gaza, it did not state categorically that the campaign carried out by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) had violated international law.

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