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Janzu: When Water Soothes Body And Mind!

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Stéphanie Vautey – founder and director of Ojanzu – the French Janzu School – is currently in Mauritius for a janzu training session. But what is it anyway?

Hénry Rotile

Invented in the 80s by Juan Villatoro – Janzu is an aquatic therapy that relaxes muscles and joints. Letting go also soothes the mind.

Stéphanie Vautey, a Janzu therapist, recommends this aquatic therapy to those who wish to relax: “Our body’s muscles and joints are constantly in demand. Janzu relaxes them while calming the mind. During a session, which lasts an average of 45 minutes, I place floats at the client’s feet, put on a nose clip and take them through a series of gentle movements in the water, carefully manipulating their body. ”

Stéphanie Vautey
Stéphanie Vautey

Taking advantage of her stay in Mauritius, Stéphanie also trains Mauritians who want to enhance their CVs or change profession altogether: “Janzu is still little known in Mauritius, but there is a market for Mauritian therapists who want to make a living from this therapy, particularly in the luxury hotels in Mauritius. There are three levels of training, each lasting three weeks. After the training, two to three months of practice are required, after which the person can start practicing.”

Stéphanie Vautey will be back in Mauritius from March 13 to 30 for another training session.

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