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Left For A Job Interview, She Alleges She Was Raped By A So-Called Recruiter

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A 33-year-old woman from the village of Chemin Grenier has reported to the La Gaulette police station that she was sexually abused in a wood in Le Morne late on Thursday afternoon, February 9.  The perpetrator is believed to be a man she met through a recruitment ad for a position as a spa therapist. When she arrived at the meeting point near the Le Morne soccer field, she was taken to a pathway to be stripped of her belongings after being assaulted and threatened with a box cutter. Her hands and feet were then tied before she was raped. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Western Division was called in to track down the woman’s alleged attacker.

It was around 10pm on the evening of Thursday February 9 that this Chemin Grenier resident registered a rape complaint at the La Gaulette police station. She began by explaining why she had come to the village of Le Morne. Four days later, she said she had come across an advert on Facebook. An Internet user had posted an advert on her page concerning the recruitment of a therapist to work in a spa in Quatre Bornes.

The thirty-something says she got in touch with the person via messenger, but there was no response. On Friday February 9, she received a message from a person who introduced herself as the person in question. She said she was urgently looking for a therapist to work in a spa in the village of Le Morne. The southerner was given an appointment at around 2 p.m. on the same day.

As agreed in the messages and audio calls, she arrived at the appointment point at 2pm. She did indeed meet an individual who introduced himself as the person who had placed the advert. He was about six feet tall, with a beard, wearing a black t-shirt and gray tracksuit. The man led him down a path along the Route Royale du Morne near the Lagon Vert snack bar and into the woods where the spa would be located.

As soon as she reached the path, the man attacked her wrists and right arm with a box cutter, before dragging her under a tree. Her hands and feet were bound with a plastic cable and the black T-shirt. The thirty-something was then robbed of her cell phone and bank card in a leather bag that also contained cosmetics and documents. She was forced to give her secret code. Her wallet with the sum of Rs 700 and her identity card and a pair of reading glasses.

Under threat she was forced to kneel before being sexually abused.  Fearing for her life, she says she had no choice but to submit to the will of this pervert. After satisfying his sexual urge, the suspect abandoned her on the spot. Shortly afterwards, the thirty-something woman freed herself and went to the Rivière Noire police station to recount her ordeal.

The southern resident was admitted to Victoria Hospital in Candos, where the protocol for victims of sexual abuse was put in place. On Saturday February 10, she was examined by a forensic pathologist.

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