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We Will Have A Team To Supervise The Elections, Says Navin Ramgoolam

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Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval faced the press this morning. The leader of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance spoke of the Privy Council’s judgment in the Dayal v/s Jugnauth case, for which he said that the Law Lords had interpreted Section 64 of the Representation of People’s Act. He said that Suren Dayal’s British lawyer felt that two arguments, namely the arguments concerning the MBC and the summoning of the elderlies to the Swami Vivekananda Centre, were not going to bear fruit. Navin Ramgoolam asserted that there were many aspects on which the Privy Council failed to shed light. He said that in 2019, it was unthinkable that elections could be stolen but in the next elections, there will be a team to supervise the elections. He also lamented the situation regarding the drought. “Once again, we see incompetent individuals in power,” he said. He also spoke of the success of the conventions and meetings held by the Opposition alliance so far. “There’s a wave rising. The MSM will not be able to avoid being swept away by this tsunami. A steam roller is about to roll over them“, he declared.

“I ask the population to be aware of how intolerant it is what is happening in the Parliament is”, says Bérenger

For the MMM leader, present at the press at the Saturday morning’s press conference alongside Xavier-Luc Duval and Navin Ramgoolam, what is happening in the National Assembly is reminiscent of the late Sir Harilal Vaghjee. He added that there had been other good Speakers since. But according to him, we are presently witnessing a rape of parliamentary democracy. Paul Bérenger was commenting on his suspension and those of Rajesh Bhagwan, Joanna Bérenger and Patrick Assirvaden last Tuesday in Parliament.

“The next PNQ will focus on fuels”, announces Xavier-Luc Duval

At a press conference on Saturday, Xavier-Luc Duval severely criticized the Speaker of the National Assembly. He also took a swipe at the Minister of Commerce. In his opinion, Dorine Chukowry should not have gone to a conference in Abu Dhabi when she was due to answer a number of questions on issues of vital importance to Parliament. But he says that opposition MPs are expecting her back in Parliament this week. Xavier-Luc Duval also announced that next Tuesday’s Private Notice Question would focus on fuels…

One of the topics discussed was the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas. Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger both stressed the need to resume the Arab Peace Initiative. “This 2002 plan is and remains the only solution so far,” said Paul Bérenger. He added that the plan advocates the recognition and normalization of Arab countries with Israel, which, in exchange, will withdraw from occupied areas and contribute to the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Navin Ramgoolam deplored the fact that Gaza is “like an open-air prison“, stressing that nothing justifies the murder of children, women, and innocent people.

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