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Rs 4.6 Million Disbursed For Electoral Petitions

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From 2020 to date, the government has spent Rs 4.6 million in legal fees for election challenges lodged in the Supreme Court. This figure does not however include the costs incurred in the Suren Dayal case against Pravind Jugnauth and his running mates before the Privy Council, which alone is likely to cost several million rupees. Note that it will be up to the losing party, i.e. Suren Dayal, to incur the legal costs of Pravind Jugnauth, his running mates, the Electoral Commission and the MBC, among others. The Rs 4.6 million has been spent on 11 cases, 10 of which relate to the general elections on 7 November 2019 and one to the village elections on 22 November 2020.

The one that will have cost the most is the case of Dorine Chukowry against Arianne Navarre-Marie in the GRNO/ Port-Louis Ouest constituency. The government will have spent Rs 700,000 in legal fees on this case.

The case that cost the least was that of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Housing and Tourism, Steven Obeegadoo, against Adrien Duval in Curepipe/Midlands (17). It cost the government Rs 115,000 in legal fees.

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