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Roshi Bhadain: The Elections Will Be Like An Auction

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The Reform Party faced the press this Saturday. Leader Roshi Bhadain commented on the Privy Council’s ruling in the Dayal vs Jugnauth case. For him, the Law Lords’ decision gives Pravind Jugnauth time. “If Dayal had received a favorable ruling, Jugnauth would have been forced to call the elections immediately. This ruling gives him time,” he said.

Roshi Bhadain also declared that Mauritians will now have to be vigilant, act thoughtfully and be very intelligent once they reach the polling booth. For, in his view, politicians can “promise heaven, earth, the moon, the stars and even the planets”. He asserted that elections will be like an auction. “Everyone will be able to promise what they want. The risk is that the population will be couyonned”, he asserted.

He wondered how Mauritians would be able to discern between the promises. But for him, the most important thing is to see where the money is coming from. “That’s what we mustn’t forget,” he stressed.

Roshi Bhadain also declared that the Reform Party will include its reforms in an affidavit to be sworn in the Supreme Court. And he stressed that there would be transparency regarding the financing of the promised measures.

He also said that the judgment could have gone the other way if Dayal’s lawyers had raised the Super Cash Back Gold argument. “Salim Muthy said how promises were made,” he said.

Roshi Bhadain also said that the judgment suggests that providing transportation for voters could constitute electoral bribery.

The Reform Party has also announced that Me Kailash Trilochun and Hansley Peeramally are now the two deputy leaders and Géraldine Geoffroy will act as president and communications officer. Bashir Jahangeer is the new Vice-President.

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