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Thirty-Year-Old Fatally Struck By His Trolley In Rose Belle

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Kevish Adeline, a 35-year-old resident of one of the NHDC’s Mare Tabac flats, lost his life in a road accident on the evening of Thursday 27 July. He was transporting old scrap metal on a trolley on the Route Royale in Rose Belle when he was hit head-on by a car. A doctor from the Emergency Medical Service (Samu) who was called to the scene of the accident was only able to certify his death.  To date, there have been eighty-five deaths on our roads.

The accident occurred at around 9.35pm on the evening of Thursday 27 July on the Route Royale in Rose Belle, near the TFP shop. A team of police officers was dispatched to the scene and found a body lying on the road. The victim was bleeding from the head. They also found a trolley and some old scrap metal scattered along the road. An ambulance from the ambulance service was on site to examine the injured man. He had already given up the ghost. Kevish Adeline was hit by a grey Nissan. The car was travelling towards New Grove and was driven by a 30-year-old softwear engineer from Deux Bras, New Grove.

The driver of the car was breathalysed. The result was negative. After a night in a cell at Grand Bois police station. On the morning of Friday 28 July, he was brought before the court in Mahebourg on a provisional charge of manslaughter by carelessness. He was subsequently released on bail.

His body was taken to the Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital mortuary in Rose Belle before being transferred to the Victoria Hospital mortuary in Candos. An autopsy was performed on the body of Kevish Adeline on the morning of Friday 28 July by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department. He attributed the cause of death to a traumatic brain haemorrhage.

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