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Soodesh Callichurn: If I Were The PMSD Leader, I’d Have Slammed The Door Already

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If I were the leader of the PMSD, I’d have slammed the door already’, said Soodesh Callichurn. He was hosting the MSM press conference this Saturday morning, April 6, at the Sun Trust. Commenting on the distribution of tickets within the opposition alliance, the Minister of Labor believes that the Labor Party (PTr) gives more consideration to other parties than to the PMSD.

For him, Adrien Duval rightly intervened to express his disagreement with the allocation of tickets. The Minister of Labor also condemned Paul Bérenger’s absence from last Tuesday’s parliamentary session. For him, it was because he was angry with Xavier Duval, who attended the commemoration ceremony for the victims of the March 30 floods. According to him, the leader of the Mauves is trying to oust Xavier Luc Duval from the Alliance between the Ptr, MMM and PMSD.

Soodesh Callichurn also took a swipe at Navin Ramgoolam, adding that the alliance had been formed “on the sly”. The Minister of Labour, who was hosting the MSM press conference alongside Deepak Balgobin and Avinash Teeluck, did not fail to praise Xavier-Luc Duval and the PMSD. According to him, for some time now, political observers have been saying that Xavier-Luc Duval’s performance as leader of the Opposition is remarkable, which does not please Paul Bérenger…

He argues that observers are right to believe that the PMSD deserves more tickets in the Opposition alliance. Because the PMSD is a bigger party than the MMM. So he wonders why this treatment. Mariaz pencore fer. Avant mariaz fiançailles pe casser et zot p aspire a dirige enn pays?’ he quipped.

For his part, Minister Avinash Teeluck spoke about the allocation of land to organizations in Cote d’or. According to him, it’s a small group that wants to create havoc on this issue. The Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage pointed out that the Cote d’or site is very well connected, there are many facilities and, what’s more, the government will cover the cost of building these centers for these organizations. A total of three centers will be built.

For his part, Minister Deepak Balgobin pointed out that of the 2 million SIMs in circulation, over a million have already been re-registered. He reminded the audience that the deadline is April 30.

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