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Labor Party

55th Anniversary Of Independence: Parliamentary Opposition At Port Louis Waterfront

Navin Ramgoolam, leader of the Labor Party, Xavier Duval, leader of the PMSD and Paul Bérenger, leader of the MMM, were together at the...

Entente De l’Espoir And The Labour Party Will Go Together To The Local Election

On Monday morning, a 50-minute meeting between Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger, Xavier Duval and Arvin Boolell took place at Riverwalk. A meeting described as...

The Australian People Have Voted For Change: Anthony Albanese New Prime Minister

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has claimed victory in an extraordinary federal election that has swept the Coalition out of power while vaulting independent candidates...

The History Of Our Country Is Forever Linked To The History Of The Labor Party Says Navin Ramgoolam

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, the Labour Party is celebrating its 86th Anniversary. For this occasion, the leader of the Labour Party, Dr Ramgoolam via...
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