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Rezistans ek Alternative Asking For Food Solidarity Voucher

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The measures announced by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to control price increases are not appropriate and do not respond to the cost of living, according to Rezistans ek Alternativ, at a press conference on Saturday 10 July. Stéphane Gua said he understood the anger and frustration of Mauritians faced with the price hikes of the past few days. “We depend too much on the outside world and now there are repercussions,” he exclaimed.

According to the member of Rezistans ek Alternative, the State Trading Corporation (STC) has failed in its mission and this crisis will push towards the impoverishment of a certain part of the population.  “After comparing the prices of products in three supermarkets this morning, there are ‘mismatches’. This situation raises several questions and on what criteria have these prices been defined by the authorities?” asks Stephane Gua, who advocates for the establishment of an urgent enlarged committee on food prices.

Rezistans ek Alternati also calls for the introduction of a wealth tax to address the health crisis to ease the burden on those at the bottom of the social ladder. “In the immediate future, we are asking for a food solidarity voucher of Rs 2500 for those earning Rs 10 500 per month, at least until December. This should be financed by the wealth tax. Smart city projects must also be stopped to allow for the development of agriculture“, Stephane Gua underlines.

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