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GM Will Not Review The Fuel Price Structure For The Time Being, Says Minister Dorine Chukowry

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The Minister for Trade answered her first Private Notice Question on Tuesday. She indicated that the government cannot take a decision on a revision of the fuel price structure. For Dorine Chukowry, removing certain taxes from the price structure could compromise the welfare state.

She also confirmed that Mercantile and Maritime Investment Group’s bid came after the international tender had closed. The offer included so many benefits that the government could not refuse it. Moreover, she insisted that the State Trading Corporation is not governed by the provisions of the Public Procurement Act concerning commodities purchased for resale. She also indicated that a due diligence exercise had been carried out on the company.

Xavier-Luc Duval insisted that the tax on storage capacity could be removed. He also wondered why the STC had not carried out a new tendering exercise and insisted that the fact that there is a confidentiality clause in the contract between STC and MMI is “fishy”.

Xavier-Luc Duval

At the start of the session, the Speaker made two statements. In the first, he stated that wearing a mask in the Chamber was now optional. In the second, he referred to the incidents that occurred during the last sitting and led to the expulsion of several members. He deplored the behavior of Rajesh Bhagwan and Paul Bérenger.

The opposition leader met the press in the afternoon. He expressed his astonishment at the Minister’s arrogance and ignorance of the dossier. He also spoke of the Maritime Investment Group contract and the inflationary consequences of taxes.

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