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Pravind Jugnauth Sacrificed Dhaliah But Protected Gobin – Says Ramgoolam

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The PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance held its first rally in Flacq on Friday. Speaking at the event, Navin Ramgoolam, candidate for the post of Prime Minister, gave a gloomy assessment of the state of the country. In particular, he dwelt on the scandals shaking the country. On the subject of the Stag Party affair, he said that the Prime Minister sacrificed Rajanah Dhaliah, “who is a small fish”, but chose to protect Maneesh Gobin, “who knows too many things”.

Navin Ramgoolam deplored the government’s failure of Law and Order. He also asked Alan Ganoo to “ask the relatives of the road victims to forgive him” for failing to take adequate measures. For him, the situation in the country calls for a policy of rupture. And that’s exactly what he intends to do. “Nobody would have believed that a government would one day confiscate the Mauritian state,” he asserted. He added that the population has no right to waste its vote in elections. Because, in his view, the country is in danger.

For him, since 2014, it is the industries of theft and nepotism that have flourished. “They’ve put their relatives in every position of responsibility. They build roads, not for development but to profit from commissions. The same goes for houses,” he asserted, before referring to the recent CEB, Mauritius Telecom and STC affairs.

Navin Ramgoolam also announced that if he returns to power, he will institute a system similar to Pharma Care in Canada. “We’re going to put subsidies on medicines that people can’t get at the hospital,” he declared.

PTr-MMM-PMSD rally

Bérenger: “Don’t listen to Bhadain… He has helped to murder the country”.

Of the three leaders, Xavier-Luc Duval was the only one not present. He is on a mission abroad. In his speech, Paul Bérenger recalled that Parliament will be automatically dissolved next year. He recalled that the MSM government had tried to finish off the country. And he also warned against Roshi Bhadain. “You shouldn’t listen to someone like Roshi Bhadain. He gave a helping hand to murder the country. But today, he has fine words”, he asserted.

Paul Bérenger also denounced a “galimatias reshuffle” in which the most incompetent are promoted. “Look at the case of (Kenny) Dhuno! He insulted his own advisors. This is unacceptable”, he declared.

For him, there are scandals everywhere. He mentioned the CEB, Air Mauritius, Safe City… “The police bought outdated equipment for billions of rupees”, he asserted.

Paul Bérenger also made a virulent outburst against Minister Joe Lesjongard. “He’s a walking stench. But he will have to be held to account. ICAC must be abolished. We propose an institution left to us by Nelson Mandela, the Public Protector,” he asserted.

For Paul Bérenger, Joe Lesjongard is leading us towards a “rolling blackout” situation. For him, the CEB is playing with fire. “We have to be careful. It’s not just scandals. There are shenanigans everywhere,” he asserts.

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