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Return Of The First Group Of Pilgrims Who Were Stranded In Bethlehem: “We Welcome Them Back With Great Joy”, Says Alan Ganoo

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15 of the 36 pilgrims stranded for a week in Bethlehem return home: “It’s been a nightmare… We’re relieved… Thank you”

A sigh of relief! This first group of 15 pilgrims was able to return home after being stuck in Bethlehem for around a week because of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The 36 pilgrims were due to fly back to Mauritius last Sunday. But because of the hostilities, they were stranded in Bethlehem.

The Minister of Land Transport Rail was at the SSR airport yesterday afternoon. He is deputising for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Alan Ganoo was accompanied by Minister Stéphan Toussaint and PPS Tania Diolle to welcome the first group of 15 pilgrims, out of the 36, who were stranded in Bethleem because of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Alan Ganoo explained that the country was concerned to learn that compatriots were stranded in Israel because of the hostilities. Alan Ganoo indicated that the Mauritian government had extended all possible assistance to its fellow citizens.

Alan Ganoo pointed out that the government had had to intervene to allow the pilgrims to leave their hotel in Bethlehem. For him, God help to find a way for the pilgrims. After many steps, a long wait and much anguish, a solution was found. The pilgrims left Bethlehem on Thursday for Jordan. After endless administrative procedures at the border, they travelled by coach to Amman airport.

There, after a long wait, they boarded a flight to Ankara, in Turkey, and then headed for Istanbul. The 36 pilgrims made this journey together. But because of the limited number of seats on the flight to Mauritius, only 15 were able to board.

Return Of The First Group Of Pilgrims Who Were Stranded In Bethlehem

The remaining 21, including Father Gérard Mongelard, stayed on in Istanbul. They will return on Monday.

Judith, one of the pilgrims, warmly thanked the people for their solidarity. “It’s been a real hassle,” said the Floréal resident, adding that this was the first time she had flown three times in one day. She maintains that the pilgrims have spent most of their time in airports.

Bernadette is relieved to set foot on Mauritian soil. “It was scary. This is a real war. It was urgent for us to leave Bethlehem,” adds this resident of Rose-Belle.

Taizana Frédéric says she feels tired both physically and mentally but is happy to be reunited with her family and children.

Aaron Sew feels that the Mauritians back home were more worried than the pilgrims who, he adds, had finished their pilgrimage and were in a calm place in Bethlehem.

The second group of 21 pilgrims, led by Father Gérard Mongelard, will leave Istanbul on Monday 16 October 2023 at 01:50. Their plane is due to land on the tarmac at 12:35 the same day.

Regarding the Alhamdulilah our group Palestine have safely reached Istanbul today as per their flight schedule. Alhamdulilah everyone are safe and fine. Now their trip continues in Istanbul.

Insha Allah next week they will reach Mauritius on 16 Oct 2023.

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth posted: Relieved that the first batch of pilgrims –

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