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Ramgoolam: We Need People With Experience To Run The Country

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The Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance held a flag-raising ceremony yesterday morning at Caudan Waterfront. Then, its leaders addressed their followers. Navin Ramgoolam explained that it was the people of Mauritius that contributed to the success of the country. “The people along with the leaders build the country. But the merit goes to the people who accepted to make sacrifices,” he said.

Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance - Flag Raising Ceremony

He added that 56 years after Independence, everything is in ruin. “Our liberty, our way of living, our prosperity and our democracy are under threat with the actual leaders. I have always said that Mauritius is no longer a democracy. We are governed by people who believe in nepotism and corruption,” he stated.

Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance - Flag Raising Ceremony

The former Prime Minister said that he is certain that people want a change. But he warned that we didn’t change amateurs and replace them by amateurs. “We need leaders with experience, and who know how to manage a country. That’s why I am sure you will trust our team,” he added.

Paul Bérenger said that this 12 March is special as general election will be held this year. He asked the Mauritian to recall the period of social unrest during the time of independence, hence for him, every Mauritian must help yo make sure that this election to be organised in the calm and be held in the best conditions.

Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance - Flag Raising Ceremony

Xavier-Luc Duval insisted that people want to live in a true democracy. He recalled the great coalition after the 1967 general election. The next government has got a lot of work in order to put the country back on the rail, we need to redress legislative, administrative et institutional problems of the country. It is a pity that Mauritius who has been a land of welcome is now a land of exodus for the youth.

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