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Prince Harry Reportedly Alleges In New Book That Brother William Physically Attacked Him

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Some English papers have leaked Prince Harry’s highly anticipated autobiography. Harry’s book outlines long-standing grievances and bitterness at the heart of the Royal Family, including a claim that he and his brother urged their father not to marry Camilla. The U.K. newspaper cited a copy of the book, titled “Spare,” which it says it obtained ahead of its publication on Jan. 10. CNBC or NBC News have not seen or been able to obtain a copy of the book.

But one of the most striking claims from Harry, first reported by the Guardian newspaper, was how he was physically attacked by Prince William in an argument over Meghan.

Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace have both said they will not comment.

BBC News has not yet seen a copy of Spare, which is due to be officially released on 10 January. The Guardian has seen the book, while the Sun and others obtained a Spanish version after it was published in Spain ahead of its official release date. Reuters news agency has also seen the Spanish version.

Further allegations from the book have been made public since the Guardian’s first article on Wednesday evening.

Among them are Harry’s claim that William and Kate “howled with laughter” after seeing him dressed in a Nazi uniform for a party, the New York Post reports.

Reconciliation and compromise aren’t on the agenda from the leaked excerpts. So far there’s a tone of unresolved grief, grievance and accusation in Prince Harry’s claims.

It’s intensely personal too, about his closest family, brother, step-mother, sister-in-law, father. There’s an angry cloud hanging over these claims and it’s going to be impossible for that to be ignored the next time Prince Harry is seen with the Royal Family.

The coronation is only a few months away and the run-up could become a will-he, won’t-he come story about Harry.

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