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Prince Harry Takes Back Libel Claim Against ‘The Mail On Sunday’ Publisher

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According to Associated Newspapers, Prince Harry has retracted his libel lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday publisher.

After resigning as a senior royal, the 39-year-old Duke of Sussex filed a lawsuit in response to an article that revealed his publicly funded security arrangements while on a visit to the UK.

The Daily Mail said that he had “abandoned his case” just hours before a court deadline, in an article on their website.

It stated that the prince would have to pay the £250,000 in legal fees to the publisher.

Published in February 2022, the article in The Mail on Sunday detailed the prince’s legal challenge against the Home Office regarding modifications to his publicly-funded security that took place following his move to the United States and his cessation as a working royal.

A spokesman for the Sussexes said that the duke was instead concentrating on his legal case against the Home Office and his family’s safety after the claim was withdrawn.

“His focus remains there, and on the safety of his family, rather than these legal proceedings that give a continued platform to the Mail’s false claims all those years ago,” they said.

The Sussexes’ representative stated that costs were still being finalised and that it was “premature” to make assumptions, despite reports in the Daily Mail that the duke might be facing expenses of up to £750,00.

The prince’s allegations of illegally obtaining information against Associated Newspapers, which are scheduled for trial, are unrelated to the now-retracted libel case.

Due to allegations of phone hacking, Prince Harry recently received damages from the publisher of the Daily Mirror.

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