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Environmental Protection, Climate Change Adaptation And Biodiversity Preservation Part Of EU Support Program

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A half-day validation workshop of the European Union (EU) Support Programme to assist in the implementation of the Mauritius National Circular Economy Roadmap and Action Plan, kickstarted, yesterday morning, at Ken Lee Tower in Port Louis.

The Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change, Mr Kavydass Ramano, the Ambassador of the EU to the Republic of Mauritius, Mr Oskar Benedikt, and other personalities were present on the occasion.

In his address, the Minister highlighted that this workshop aims to discuss and validate components of the 3.5 million Euro Support Programme for the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan in the Republic of Mauritius. He thus expressed gratitude to the EU for its constant support to the Government of Mauritius in its transition to a green, circular and inclusive model of economy and, for progressing towards achieving our Sustainable Development Goals.

Speaking of the SWITCH Africa Green Programme developed in 2013 to support countries in Africa in achieving sustainable development by transitioning to sustainable consumption and production-based inclusive green economy, Mr Ramano outlined benefits reaped by the Government of Mauritius through the programme.

These include: formulating clear and sound green economy policies and empowering micro, small and medium enterprises with the necessary skills to promote green and innovative businesses in the key sectors, namely Agriculture, Manufacturing and Tourism; and developing the Roadmap and Action Plan on Circular Economy.

Validation workshop of the EU Support Programme

Moreover, the Minister indicated that the Roadmap serves as a tool to drive the circular economy agenda, has 80 actions for Mauritius and 30 for Rodrigues comprising policies and key projects, with five priority focus areas.

Following its approval by Government on 11 August 2023, action has already been initiated through the setting up of Circular Economy Platforms for the five priority focus areas at the level of the mandated institutions, and a sixth Platform has been set at the level of the Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change to coordinate the implementation of the cross-cutting measures which will serve as enablers, he added.

Today’s validation workshop, Mr Ramano observed, will provide an insight into various components and where stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss and agree on the proposed measures that will constitute the EU Support. He encouraged all stakeholders present as well as those participating online on the need to fully engage in discussions and work constructively together, thereby driving forward the circular economy agenda for the Republic of Mauritius.

For his part, the Ambassador, giving an overview of the alarming situation prevailing with the present linear economy, underpinned the urgency to shift to circularity at the earliest.

Reiterating the support of the EU as a reliable and constant partner of Mauritius, Mr Benedikt acknowledged the inexorable link in this journey towards circularity between environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation and, biodiversity preservation.numerous ways, including: environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation and, biodiversity preservation.

The EU Ambassador therefore stressed the significance of joining forces, bilaterally, multilaterally and, globally to reconcile the economy with our planet and, to review the way we produce and, the way we consume.

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