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Meghan Markle “Avoiding” UK Visit As Harry Plans To See His Ailing Father

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According to a royal specialist, Meghan Markle’s return to the UK is extremely doubtful. Although Prince Harry is expected to travel to London in the upcoming months, it is unlikely that Markle would go with their kids at the time.

According to current reports, Prince William and Princess Kate have been trying to patch up the royal chasm and invited the estranged family member, but Meghan turned them down.

As Harry himself has announced, the Duke of Sussex will make a brief visit to the UK in May, taking into account his ambitions to attend the Invictus Games event. Harry has previously stated that he hoped to see his sick father, King Charles, who had been given a cancer diagnosis. While many predicted that Meghan will go with him to the palace, royal analyst Esther Krakue hinted that this might not be the case in an interview with GB News, a British news channel.

“I actually think she’s avoiding the UK because she’s not interested in the whole drama and, kind of, being injected, is she going to talk to [Princess] Kate, and all of that.” Esther Krakue told the news channel.

The royal family hasn’t been having the best of times lately. Health problems, court cases, and the overall state of affairs have all gotten out of control. Meghan is believed to be maintaining a low profile in order to prevent more tension between her and Princess Kate as well as security worries following Harry’s defeat in a high court fight against the Home Office.

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