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Prime Minister: Government’s Committed To Build Social Housing Units Across Mauritius

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Government is more than ever determined to carry on with the construction of housing units across the island, in line with its vision to provide decent dwelling to families in need and enhance their quality of life, stated the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, today, at Reunion Maurel, in Petit-Raffray.

He was speaking at the laying of foundation stone ceremony for the construction of 216 housing units by the New Social Living Development Ltd and the Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning.

Foundation stone ceremony for the construction of 216 housing units in Petit-Raffray

The Prime Minister thus underscored Government’s commitment to accelerate its efforts to steer social housing development projects for vulnerable families. He pointed out that social housing units are being constructed in different regions across the country in a bid to facilitate social integration and promote inclusiveness. The core objective of the project is to ensure that each family has a decent house which is secure, durable and in line with the aspirations of the population.

He recalled that, in this context, Government is currently undertaking the construction of 12,000 housing units for vulnerable families which are being implemented in two phases. The first and second phases, he said, comprise the construction of 8,000 and 4,000 housing units respectively.

Foundation stone ceremony for the construction of 216 housing units in Petit-Raffray

From November 2019 till May 2023, Prime Minister Jugnauth indicated that around 2,470 housing units have been delivered by the National Housing Development Company (NHDC). Construction works have already begun in around 35 sites out of 39 sites that have identified for the construction of housing units.

“We are engaged in creating a better tomorrow for the future generations by providing a series of support measures that will propel the country to an enhanced quality of life and to a heightened level of development”, he stated. These measures include: subsidies on essential products amounting to some Rs 4.1 billion; provision of free education; a monthly CSG Child Allowance of Rs 2,000 to children aged up to three years; and a one-off allowance of Rs 20,000 to eligible youths who have attained the age of 18 years. In addition, Government has also been able to bring down the unemployment rate to 6.4% in comparison to previous years, observed the Prime Minister.

Foundation stone ceremony for the construction of 216 housing units in Petit-Raffray

He expressed confidence that the country will continue to prosper given the amount of consideration provided by the Government for the welfare of the population.

For his part, the DPM indicated that the project will see the construction of 216 housing units over 10 arpents of land to the tune of Rs 590 million. He pointed out that construction works started in May this year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Each house, he observed, will cost around Rs 2.7 million and is reserved to families whose household income does not exceed Rs 30,000.

Foundation stone ceremony for the construction of 216 housing units in Petit-Raffray

He recalled that 10% of the housing units of every housing project of the NSLD are reserved for most vulnerable families registered at the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity.

Each housing unit of 90 metre square feet will comprise a ground floor and a first floor, a yard, two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a parking and a garden. The project comprises a multi purpose hall, a market, a children’s playground, a commercial space, a jogging track, solar street lightings, eco bins, road infrastructure, and a pétanque court.

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