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Russia To Conduct Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drill In Response To “Provocative Statements” By West

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In response to what the defense ministry described as provocative threats from Western politicians, Russia announced on Monday that it would conduct a military drill that would involve training for the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

According to the ministry, President Vladimir Putin gave the order for the drill, which was designed to see how prepared non-strategic nuclear forces were for combat operations.

According to the defense ministry, the military exercises will involve training for the deployment and setup of non-strategic nuclear weapons. Naval units and missile formations from the Southern Military District will participate.

It stated that the exercise is being conducted “in response to provocative statements and threats by certain Western officials against the Russian Federation” with the goal of safeguarding Russia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The officials’ names were left out. However, Russia has consistently asserted that statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron on a potential French intervention in Ukraine pose a serious risk.

Russia claims that by arming Ukraine with weapons worth tens of billions of dollars to fend off Russian forces that invaded the country in February 2022, the US and its European allies are bringing the world to the verge of a nuclear conflict between nuclear powers.

Nuclear nations periodically test their arsenals, although they hardly ever openly associate these drills with any particular threats.

Although US officials claim to have not observed any change in Russia’s nuclear posture, Russia has warned repeatedly since the start of the war of growing nuclear hazards, a warning that the United States says it must take seriously.

Although Putin stated last year that he saw no need to amend the nuclear doctrine, some hardliners within Russia have called for Putin to modify the doctrine, which outlines the circumstances under which Russia would deploy a nuclear bomb.

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