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Finance Crime Commission Bill: “They’re Making This Law For Me,” Says Ramgoolam

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The Labour Party’s political bureau and executive met on Wednesday. Afterwards, the leader of the Reds held a press conference. Navin Ramgoolam explained that one of the subjects discussed was the Speaker’s attitude. “I can’t think of any other word but execrable”, he declared.

He wondered why Sooroojdev Phokeer expelled Shakeel Mohamed and prevented Rajesh Bhagwan from asking a supplementary question. “I still say this is a travesty of democracy,” he asserted. He said the Speaker’s behavior would also be discussed at his meeting with Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval this Thursday. “He’s a bouncer who protects the government and the Prime Minister by preventing supplementary questions,” he asserted.

Navin Ramgoolam also said he was pleased with the turnout at PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance meetings. “It’s a bit like 1995,” he said. He also declared that there is a danger for democracy. “Pravind Jugnauth doesn’t understand what democracy is. Paul Bérenger and I have already lost the elections. We accepted the verdict. That’s democracy,” he declared. And he stressed that “we mustn’t waste votes on people who won’t be elected”.

He also echoed the words of former President Pompidou: “Cessez d’emmerder les Mauriciens!”

He also referred to the Finance Crime Commission Bill. “It’s a conspiracy. They’re making this law for me. It’s clear that they’re targeting me. They want to prevent me from being able to stand as a candidate,” he declared.

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