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A “Bright Up Programme” For Students Who Fail NCE

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Year 9ᵉ pupils who fail to achieve the National Certificate of Education (NCE) will have access to a new programme called the Bright Up Programme. The announcement was made this Wednesday by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun. She explained that this programme will enable students to prepare to become better citizens and face the real challenges of the world of work.She was speaking at a press conference in presence of the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry, Mr K. Samlall, the Chairperson of the MITD, Mr H. Vydelingum, the Chairperson of Mauritius Sports Council, ​Mrs S. Rawat Currimjee, and the Chairperson of National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF), Mr M. Munien, at the MITD House, Phoenix.

The Vice Prime Minister recalled that a first batch of students of the NCE Programme completed the nine-year schooling last year whilst this year a second batch will be completing the nine-year schooling.

After having completed the NCE, a student has the possibility to continue his education in the same school or go to another academic school, she recalled. The pupil then has the choice to continue with general education or to opt for the technological field or even turn to the MITD and technical training, she pointed out.

A “Bright Up Programme” For Students Who Fail NCE

VPM Dookun-Luchoomun underlined that students who have not obtain their NCE will, henceforth, have the possibility to register for the Bright Up Programme or to re-take the NCE exams. She indicated that community schooling is a new element in the Programme which will require the full participation of parents and the different establishments to better mentor the child. Under this Programme, the child will also benefit from necessary school materials and uniform, she underscored.

The Bright Up Programme is a collaboration of the MITD, NISF and the MSC which will span over a year. It is equivalent to the NC2 Programme offered by the MITD and comprises: lifeskills; outdoor education; healthy living; and social mentoring. The objective is to empower the vulnerable youth as well as provide them the opportunity to join the NC3 Programme offered by the MITD after the successful completion of the Bright Up Programme.

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