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Martine Fong – Rex Offers A Complete Guide To Overcoming Disappointment!

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Martine Fong-Rex has just launched a book entitled: ‘Break Through the Break-Up’. Published by Amazon, the book presents itself as a guide to overcoming disappointment in love.

Hénry Rotile

Who hasn’t experienced a disappointment in love? Difficult as it may be, it’s not the end of the world. Nor is the situation insurmountable. However, you still need to know the right techniques to get through it. Hence the launch of this book: “After a long career in the media, I moved to France three years ago. As professional reconversions are commonplace, I turned to clinical hypnosis. It was on the basis of this therapy’s techniques that I wrote the book.”

Cash, the book is intended to be a catalyst: “In this book, I say things straightforwardly, to shake up those who suffer from disappointment in love. Sometimes it’s important to tell it like it is, to encourage people to pull themselves together and move on with their lives, leaving the baggage of the past behind. The book offers a number of exercises to help victims of disappointment feel better.

The book is currently available in French on Amazon.

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