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Merchants Of Ruisseau Du Pouce Serve Formal Notice To The Port Louis Town Hall

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Merchants operating in Ruisseau du Pouce were supposed to vacate the premises on Thursday 29 February 2024. However, through their legal representatives, they have served formal notice on Port-Louis Town Hall and the Police Commissioner.

In their view, the decision to relocate them to the Urban Terminal was “arbitrary” and “autocratic”. Through their solicitor Pazhany Rangasamy, on the instructions of their lawyer Nabiil Kaufid, they served a formal notice on the Town Hall on Thursday.

In the document, they point out that they have been operating at Ruisseau du Pouce since 2009. They refer to the municipality’s proposal to relocate them to the Urban Terminal. They point out that they applied for an interim injunction in April 2022, a request that was rejected by the judge on 28 June 2023. They explain that they have appealed this decision, which is due to be heard on 17 June.

The defendants state that they applied and obtained a stay of execution on 28 June 2023 form the Supreme Court.

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