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US Announces To Airdrop Humanitarian Aid In Gaza

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US President Joe Biden declared on Friday that emergency humanitarian aid will soon be airdropped into Gaza by the US. This judgment is the result of a sad incident in which over 100 Palestinians were killed in a violent confrontation with Israeli forces. The revelation comes after reports that on Thursday, over 750 Palestinians were injured and at least 115 Palestinians were murdered, according to Gaza’s health ministry, which is controlled by Hamas.

Witnesses said that as big crowds raced to take supplies from an aid vehicle, Israeli troops opened fire. In an effort to lessen Palestinian suffering, Biden pledged that the airdrops would soon begin and reaffirmed US determination to look into other ways to provide much needed aid to the war-torn region.

Two airdrops meant to help Ukraine were mentioned by the president; however, White House officials stressed that the president was referring to Gaza. Many of the deaths, according to Israel, were caused by a rush that occurred during the confusion, in which its troops opened fire on anyone they thought might be a threat. An investigation into the incident has been announced by the Israeli government.

Biden highlighted the seriousness of the situation and said that the help going to Gaza is far from enough.

The possible advantages of launching US military airdrops of supplies had been discussed for several months by the Pentagon, State Department, and White House. They didn’t act, though, because they were worried about the method’s inefficiency, their inability to totally replace overland assistance delivery, and their lack of certainty that the aid would reach civilians in need.

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