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Cehl Meeah Acquitted Of Fraud, Forgery And Money Laundering

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The verdict fell yesterday morning before the Financial Crimes Division. Charged with fraud, forgery and money laundering, Cehl Meeah was acquitted for lack of evidence. The judgment was delivered by Magistrate Alvin Joypaul. Cehl Meeah, 65, was accused of defrauding a 60-year-old man living in England of Rs 600,000 in 2014. He pleaded not guilty at his trial. Cehl Meeah said that God is always on the side of truth. He was pleased that Justice has always prevailed in all cases he had. “Some tried to discredit me. I am more convinced to serve the people,” he said. He added he hopes there will not be any case against him in the future.

In addition, Cehl Meeah was also charged with forging Rosemay Josiane Jeannot’s signature on a document of sale for a piece of land he had fraudulently sold to the complainant. Additionally, the police had accused him of money laundering the amount of Rs 600,000 that he had allegedly obtained through a fraudulent land deal.

Following the testimony, Magistrate Alvin Joypaul observed that Caillibot, the prosecution witness, had chosen not to proceed with the trial and had taken on an evasive and uncooperative demeanour with the prosecution, refusing to answer questions about the relevant facts. The magistrate further noted that the second plaintiff had never admitted to having her signature falsified or to having experienced any form of discrimination. Given that there is no evidence in the file indicating the accused ever obtained unlawful assets, the court had little trouble evaluating the money laundering claim. The magistrate came to the conclusion that it would not be prudent for the court to convict the accused.

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