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Constituency Clerk Case: Judgement To Be Delivered On 30 May

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Pleadings in the Constituency Clerk case concluded on Wednesday at the Intermediate Court. Darshana Gayan, representing the prosecution, emphasised the reliability and credibility of Simla Kistnen. She urged the court to take her testimony into account.

Raouf Gulbul stated in his closing arguments that Simla Kistnen was not a credible witness. On Wednesday morning, Darshana Gayan undertook to refute the statements made by Yogida Sawmynaden’s lawyer.

She argued that there was fraudulent intent on the part of Yogida Sawmynaden to commit an act of forgery. She added that although the defence had produced cheques signed by Soopramanien Kistnen, this did not prove that Soopramanien Kistnen was the final beneficiary.

For Me. Gayan, these cheques were not relevant to the case. Especially as it had not been possible to establish that Simla Kistnen knew that she was employed as the Constituency Clerk to the former Minister of Commerce.

The DPP representative insisted that Yogida Sawmynaden’s defence depended heavily on Soopramanien Kistnen; “however, a person who has died cannot assist the defence”.

She also pointed out that Yogida Sawmynaden had chosen not to testify in court.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Magistrate Anusha Rawoah reserved judgment. It will be delivered on 30 May 2024.

After the trial, Mr Raouf Gulbul said that the pleadings “were of a high standard” before adding that it was now up to the Court to reach a decision.

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