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Yogida Sawmynaden Case: Raouf Gulbul Questioned The Credibility Of Simla Kistnen

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Closing arguments in the forgery case against Yogida Sawmynaden began in the Intermediate Court on Monday. Raouf Gulbul and Darshana Gayan pleaded before Magistrate Anusha Rawoah. The session lasted almost a day before adjournment to the 10th or 11th April, depending on the date set for Eid.

Yogida Sawmynaden’s lawyer, Raouf Gulbul, opened the session. He questioned at length the credibility of Simla Kistnen. He said she admitted swearing a false affidavit in court and she misled the court on several aspects of the case. He also insisted on the fact that the prosecution had been unable to prove the charge of forgery against his client.

Raouf Gulbul was categorical. The law provides that the prosecution should have proved, with supporting evidence, that Yogida Sawmynaden had fraudulent intent to commit the act of forgery. He therefore called for this charge to be struck out against the former Trade Minister.

Darshana Gayan, who represents the DPP’s Office, refuted Gulbul’s claims. She argued that Simla Kistnen demonstrated that she is an honest person. “She repeatedly maintained that she had never been employed as Yogida Sawmynaden’s Constituency Clerk,” Mrs Gayan said.

The pleadings of the representative of the DPP’s office will continue on the 10th or the 11th April. Following this, Magistrate Anusha Rawoah is expected to reserve judgement on the whole fictitious employment case.

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