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Vital Cross-Country League 2024 (1st Stage): Sonia Soodon And Aneeshrao Suddhoo At Ease

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The first round of the Vital 2024 cross-country league, held last Saturday at the Anjalay Coopen stadium in Belle-Vue, saw Sonia Soodon and Aneeshrao Suddhoo win in the senior ladies’ and men’s categories respectively. Le Hochet AC, Poudre d’Or AC, Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC and Adonaï Quatre-Bornes AC were the most talked-about clubs at this first meeting.

Without forcing their talent, Sonia Soodon and Aneeshrao Suddhoo won the first round of the Vital 2024 cross-country league. Sonia Soodon set the pace right from the start and gradually closed the gap on Malika Ramasawmy to win by over a minute.

“I was confident of a final victory, but you always have to stay focused during the race. My aim is to win back the Mauritius title,” she said.

In the senior men’s race, defending champion Abhishek Custnea led the way for the first three kilometers. Simon Desvaux de Marigny, Hans Labonne, Shyaveen Dussaram and Aneeshrao Suddhoo stayed in touch with the leader.

After the halfway mark, the eventual race winner, Aneeshrao Suddhoo, upped the pace slightly to outrun his rivals and head for victory. “I stayed in the wake of the leader and placed my attack just as I felt the race’s ryrthm had dropped,” he declared.

Four clubs pinned a hat-trick. They are: Le hochet AC pinned with Jamel Berthelot (U10), Kenan Leclerc (U18) and Kelsie Leclerc (U14); Adonaï Quatre-Bornes AC with Victor Collard (U12), Rémi Marin (U16) and Nia Keeling (U18). Leyna Seegobin (U20), Sonia Soodon (Sen) and Aneeshrao Suddhoo (Sen) for Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC and Anabelle Devienne (masters), Jahven Neeladoo (U14) and Selena Tonta (U12) for Poudre d’Or AC.

The second round of the Vital 2024 cross-country league will take place this Sunday, February 25 at the Bambous stadium from 9am.

Sonia Soodon
Sonia Soodon (2154) took the lead from the start.

Results :


U10 (600m):

  1. Jamel Berthelot (Le Hochet AC): 2’22; 2. Liam Leclerc (Le Hochet AC): 2’27; 3. Enzo Monplé (Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC): 2’28.

U12 (1 km):

  1. Victor Collard (Adonaï Quatre-Bornes AC): 3’36; 2. Lakshya Bissessur (Rose-Belle AC): 3’37; 3. Esaïe Durhone (Le Hochet AC): 3’53.

U14 (2.5 km):

  1. Jahven Neeladoo (Poudre d’Or AC): 8’39,2. Adryel Berthelot (Le Hochet AC): 8’51; 3. Maxime Rae (Stanley-Trèfles AC): 9’41.

U16 (3.5 km):

  1. Rémi Marin (Adonaï Quatre-Bornes AC): 11’32; 2. Chad Howard (Poudre d’Or AC): 11’49; 3. Adriano Hellen (Souillac AC): 12’07.

U18 (5 km):

  1. Kenan Leclerc (Le Hochet AC): 16’08; 2. Jean-Jacques Lafrance (Curepipe Harlems AC): 17’45; 3. Darius Fra (Le Hochet AC) 17’46.

U20 (5.5 km):

  1. Daryll Pierre (Port-Louis Racers AC): 19’10; 2. Abhishek Heeramun (Le Hochet AC): 19’22; 3. Brandon Sooriah (Gymkhana AC): 20’05.

Senior (8 km):

  1. Aneeshrao Suddhoo (Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC): 26’53; 2. Simon Desvaux de Marigny (Le Hochet AC): 27’22; 3. Hans Labonne (Souillac AC): 27’44.

Master (5 km):

  1. Nicolas Van Damme (Curepipe Harlems AC): 16’57; 2. Adil Auhammad (Gymkhana AC): 17’00; 3. Rishi Champa (Curepipe Harlems AC): 17’20.
Henco Uys
Henco Uys (1425) in full effort.


U10 (600m):

  1. Rania Kheroua (Angels Reduit AC): 2’34; 2. Amélie Coombes (Poudre d’Or AC): 2’43, 3. Siloe Sirop (Rising Phoenix AC) 2’44.

U12 (1 km):

  1. Selena Tonta (Poudre d’Or AC): 3’55; 2. Melody Cornish (Poudre d’Or AC): 4’01; 3. Maëva Bauda (Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC): 4’09.

U14 (1.5 km):

  1. Kelsie Leclerc (Le Hochet AC): 5’27; 2. Amy Catherine (Le Hochet AC): 5’46; 3. Amélia Hosany (Rising Phoenix AC): 6’01.

U16 (2.5 km):

  1. Louise Dalais de (Gymkhana AC): 9’40; 2. Ketzia Leclerc (Le Hochet AC): 10’01; 3. Tessa Newaj (Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC): 10’14.

U18 (3.5 km):

  1. Nia Keeling (Adonaï Quatre-Bornes AC): 13’30; 2. Mieke Van Wezel (Poudre d’Or AC):14’59; 3. Ilona Sara (Souillac AC): (15’20).

U20 (5 km):

  1. Leyna Seegobin (Quatre Bornes Pavillon AC): 22’58; 2. Anieska Bhujun (Le Hochet AC): 23’38; 3. Claretah Letourdi (Angels Réduit AC): 24’49.

Senior (5 km) :

  1. Sonia Soodon (Quatre-Bornes Pavillon AC): 17’38; 2. Malika Ramasawmy (Angels Réduit AC): 19’50; 3. Sabrina Rabot (Moka Rangers AC): 21’22.

Master (3.5 km):

  1. Anabelle Devienne (Poudre d’Or AC): 15’45; 2. Shirley Larose (Gymkhana AC): 15’53; 3. Damini Ramcharan-Maloo (Rose-Belle AC): 15’58.
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